SmartBolts are specialty fasteners with a built-in visual indicator that shows the tension developed as the bolt is installed.

The SmartBolt tension indicating bolts continuously measure and displays tension information. From loose to tight and back again, the system is reliable and repeatable through countless cycles of operation. The indicator gradually darkens from bright red to black as the fastener is sufficiently tensioned.

SmartBolts are compatible with a wide range of fastener types, and can be adapted to fasteners of nearly every possible tension specification, grade, finish, and coating. They are ideal as excavator bolts or slew bearing bolts.

Knowing at a glance it’s tight with SmartBolts eliminates any uncertainty when ensuring the integrity of your critical bolted joints.

How Do The SmartBolts Work

The indicator works on the most accurate principle for tension measurement – actual fastener elongation under load. As the  bolt is stretched elastically, the minute displacement of the gage pin allows the micro indicator to produce a continuous and completely reversible color change.

The Benefits of SmartBolts

  • Safety - Knowing at a glance it’s tight enables you to visually maintain and safely assess all critical joints.
  • Save on Design - We can work with you on your product design.
  • Save on Installation - SmartBolts eliminate the need for special tooling during installation.
  • Simply tighten the bolt using the visual indication tool until the correct color is displayed – job done.
  • Save on Maintenance - Simply visually check the bolts and where needed, address those requiring attention.
  • SmartBolts can reduce maintenance time by ensuring uptime and productivity.

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