The SADI system is a unique monitoring tool for excavator slew bearings - meaning you get a greater life cycle on slew bearings.

SADI, or Slew bearing Active Data Interface, is a live system designed to be able to compare any machine against itself, other machines in the area in similar digging materials or alternate practices on the other side of the world.

How does it work?

By obtaining accurate deflection trending on bearings, and comparing each reading to a base line, the SADI system can detect early bearing faults or design issues, and accurately model life cycles for slew bearings, allowing greater life cycles.

Efficient and safe to use, with minimal disruption in downtime to site operations, the introduction of SADI is truly a game changer in slew bearing life efficiency.

Benefits of using SADI

  • Removal of personnel from hazardous areas around live operating equipment
  • Early detection of bearing faults or design issues
  • Accurate life cycle modeling for slew bearings
  • Optimum planning and execution of slew bearing change outs with a lower risk of failure
  • Greater life cycle on bearings
  • Ability to improve bearing stock management

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