Pakka Jacks – Reduce downtime by up to 85%, Lift up to 2200 Tonnes.

The Pakka Jacks Lifting system fully supports the load at every stage of the lifting operation – allowing for excavator lifts, track frame removals, balanced machine lifting, stacker reclaimer jacking, counterweight lifting, and more, with the fastest and safest method in the industry.

The unique patented auto-packing system reduces downtime by up to 85 per cent and cuts costs as much as 70 per cent. This is a game changer for mining operators where machinery downtime can cost millions of dollars in lost productivity.

The system serves as both lifts and stands, with the load fully supported, not suspended, at every stage of the lifting operation. Pakka Jacks units are also certified to withstand significant side-loading.

How it works

From 165 tonne to 2200 tonne, Pakka Jacks lifting systems offer a huge range of capabilities across a broad spectrum of applications for hydraulic excavator and mining equipment maintenance, including but not limited to:

  • HEX shutdown
  • Slewbearing change out
  • Hydraulic shovel maintenance
  • Track frame removals

With lift units that are self-contained, all lifting hydraulics and packing mechanisms are packaged in a solid, compact casing with excellent stability and safety. Certified lifting lugs, control input points and secondary hydraulic input points complete the general description of the lifting units. The system is controlled from a fully enclosed, air-conditioned control console. The Pakka Jacks system meets or exceeds the requirements of all relevant Australian standards and workplace regulations and is the only lifting system that meets current Australian Workcover regulations.

Our teams and equipment are available across Australia, the US, and Canada. Simply fill out the contact form below to request a presentation to your maintenance team about Pakka Jacks:

At this point in time, we are not aware of any significant impacts to supply, but we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide regular updates.

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Pakka Jacks
Pakka Jacks
Pakka Jacks
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